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Government's Secondary Education Develop-ment Program (SEDP) for implementing the next five-year projects from the financial year(FY) 2017-18 to FY 2021-22, will be costing US dollar 17.2 billion.The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) will place the proposals for approving and implementing the SEDP on Sunday to the Ministry of Education, DSHE sources said.

SEDP will be financed primarily from the government sources, with support from development partners including the World Bank (WB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the sources said adding that the planned contribution from the WB would be American dollar 500 million plus American dollar 10 million GFF and from ADB American dollar 225 million. ADB and WB will subsets of SEDP with the agreed and selected program budget heads, the sources said adding that UNICEF, UNESCO and British Council will provide technical assistance in selected areas, within the program framework. But the cost of the technical assistance will not be part of the program cost.

The five year SEDP will cover grades 6-12 annually supporting more than 12 million students and 357,000 teachers from more than 20,300 general schools, 9,400 madrasahs, and 1190 general schools with SSC vocational stream programs, the program document of SEDP said.

SEDP spans the entire activities of Ministry of Education (MoE) excluding those for higher education (post grade 12), technical and vocational education and training under the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) and Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

The purpose of the SEDP is to achieve a more efficient, equitable, inclusive and quality secondary education system towards the 21st century global citizens, the proposal of FY on SEDP said.The SEDP is structured in the areas of enhanced quality and relevance of secondary education, improved access and retention, strengthened governance, management and planning, the sources said adding that it aims to carry out a range of reforms and strategic interventions focused on curriculum reform, practical science teaching, national examination reform, student learning assessment, teacher and head teacher development, availability of qualified teachers, teaching and learning pedagogical practices and monitoring and mentoring of class-room teachers, particularly in English, Math, Bangla, Science, Global Studies, ICT and ICT for pedagogy and hands-on pre-vocational program in general schools will also be emphasized.

The key elements of reforms are improved quality and relevance of curriculum, strengthened teacher quality, Improved teaching-learning in Bangla, English, Mathematics, Science and ICT, strengthened reading habit and reading skills among secondary level students, improved classroom assessment produces and national learning assessment and examinations, enhanced use of ICT for pedagogy, improved labor market relevance, increased equitable access and retention to secondary education, School infrastructure development, improved access and retention, enhanced cycle completion for girls and disadvantaged areas, strengthened governance, management and planning, strengthened decentralized management, strengthened education management information system and monitoring and evaluation, improved teacher management and accountability, improved school management and accountability, and strengthened sector planning, management and coordination.

The government will set up implementation arrangements such as Program Coordination Unit, Inter-Ministerial Program Steering Committee, Budget and Finance Committee, Program Support Unit, Implementation Committee, Independent Verification Agency and other co-implementing agencies to run its projects across the country, the proposal said.

Hon'ble Minister, Ministry of Education
Honourable Minister
 Mohibul Hassan Chowdhoury M.P.

Secretary, Secondary and Higher Education Division
 Suleman Khan
Secondary and Higher Education Division
Ministry of Education
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Tel: 02-223356679

Program Coordinator, SEDP

 Abdun Noor Muhammad Al-Firoz
Program Coordinator (PC) &
Additional Secretary (Admin & Finance)
Secondary and Higher Education Division
Ministry of Education
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